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THI's Scope of Practice

THI is nationally recognized for achieving exceptional results through its solution support services. Many of THI’s consultants are leaders or former senior staff in government, research, healthcare, biosecurity, finance, and many other fields. We give every task and project the same exemplary attention to detail and priority you require, with our goal always being to exceed the highest expectations that you demand.


THI supports the United States government with a wide range of services—from providing medical staff that can quickly replace troops mobilized and deployed overseas, to skilled technicians and managers who play an important role in helping to fight the Global War on Terror (GWOT). The knowledge and experience of our highly trained consultants helps to proactively mitigate risk through contingency planning and exercises, disaster operations, and health systems’ reconstitution efforts. Our peacetime efforts keep America strong by enhancing clinical outcomes, designing programs that affect faster responses to disease outbreaks, emergent conditions, and enhance clinical outcomes; to include Community Wellness and responsiveness to general population health needs.


In the commercial arena, consulting efforts by THI have increased the effectiveness of numerous business and civic programs and helped them become more responsive to those they serve. We have performed grant and contract reviews, and provided companies with strategic planning all the way from start-up consulting to turnkey solutions. To help ensure a successful foundation, THI can conduct needs assessments and develop surveys with a variety of analytical tools. We can also provide consulting and direct support in training, education, evaluation of capabilities, right sizing tactics, contingency planning, and operations. THI has numerous outsourcing support capabilities that facilitate critical business capabilities and risk mitigation to our customers.


THI’s international consultants are often available for worldwide deployment upon 24 hours notice and ready to begin their assignments immediately. This is critically important for disaster management, risk mitigation, and operational support. Executive support of system analysis, problem resolution, program development, and administrative/management services are the strengths and focus of THI’s efforts in the international arena. Specific areas of expertise are within the Middle East and Latin America.


THI is There, When & Where America Needs Us



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     New Orleans Hurricane

     Katrina, THI performed the

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      USMC Expeditionary Fighting      

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