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Leading player in the healthcare, life sciences and information technology (IT) markets. The company’s offerings range from product reselling, professional services and end-to-end solutions to organizations of all sizes.




ProLink provides strategy consulting, solution implementation and consulting services within the financial services, communications & media and life sciences marketplace. 




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Provides special software development services for the U.S. Intelligence community. In the past decade, Paragon has expanded its capabilities into secure systems engineering and integration. From site intelligence collection systems support at various military bases worldwide during the cold-war to the integration of secure tactical systems today. Paragon has had an outstanding history of contract performance.





Provides business efficiency solutions through the use of technology. Simply put, we help organizations faced with the looming question of how to capture, manage, store, and deliver the ever increasing assortment of business content.



Precept Life Sciences

Precept Life Sciences has become the nation's foremost clinical research consulting and placement firm. Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, or Clinical Research Organizations …



FaceKey™ takes pride in providing the most accurate biometric security products and time and attendance system on the market today.  Today, managers are increasingly required to do more with less:  “less people, less money and less training” and FaceKey™ builds products to meet those needs. The value that biometric identification provides along with operating on the organization’s network goes directly to the bottom line.  The manager will enjoy a reduction in clerical work and the cost of issuing cards, reduced installation time and minimal training.  And, the added value of a first-rate place to work because access to facilities can be restricted and fraud in payroll costs can be eliminated.

FaceKey™ Corporation is based in San Antonio, TX.  Its products operate in a mix and match fashion on the computer network.  The open architecture ensures that the system is easily scalable and easily customized so that new modules and features can be added.  The products are ideal for new installations or to replace card readers on existing access control systems or card reader clocks/terminals for time and attendance systems.




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