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Information assurance

Information security

Every business system has been attacked and will continually be targeted by viruses and hackers. THI has senior, well experienced, Information Assurance (IA) experts in the field of identifying system weak points and operations’ vulnerabilities. In addition, we provide Certification & Accreditation (C&A) to ensure your system network has the highest level of security recognized by agencies and commercial clients, further assuring them their information is protected.

Our direct networking solutions are coupled by IA Training so that your team can better operate and protect your highly valued information systems. We also provide IA training to the government on how hackers attempt to infiltrate and the tools they use. This training is critical under cyber security.

Information Risk Assessment Service

No checklist or software patch alone can secure your enterprise. In today's Cyber-world threats to business operations are real; terrorists, hackers and natural disasters are driving organizations to proactively protect and secure their infrastructures. Our Information Risk Assessment will ensure that vulnerabilities are identified, analyzed and managed effectively, to minimize risk and maximize results.

While each assessment we undertake is unique, our guiding principle remains the same, to help you find a solution that represents the best possible balance of accessibility and integrity. At THI, our approach leverages our expertise of security fundamentals, best of breed techniques and proven best practices.

Our Information Risk Assessment Service is an important first step to realizing the benefits by:

  • Understand the advantages of embracing a security management program to help protect and secure your enterprise through an Information Risk Assessment Evaluation.
  • Learn the industry best security practices and discover how they can be leveraged to ultimately minimize risk and strengthen your organizations security posture.
  • Discover how to secure your enterprise while effectively supporting the growing requirement for remote and mobile workforce to access sensitive information.
  • See how enhancements to your current security policy can strengthen the integrity of your intranet portal.