TerraHealth Inc.

Information technology

Component Sustainability Analysis

Client: 77th Aeronautical Systems Group Medical Division Test Branch

Project: A Systems Development Engineer (member of a team providing Program Advisory and Assistance Services to the 77th ASG), conducts technical experiments, studies, analyses, and evaluations to verify safe and effective operation of equipment. Also provides engineering services and supports legacy, acquisition, and Commercial Off-the-Shelf and Non-Destructive Inspection of aeromedical equipment.

IT Support

Client: Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA), Population Health Support Division (PHSD), Headquarters United States Air Force Surgeon General (USAF/SG)

Project: Provide support for healthcare professionals at the Tier I and Tier II operation desk, to include developing, implementing, troubleshooting, and managing population health-related programs and other public health primary care and health promotion activities.

Homeland Defense/Logistics Support

Client: U.S. Surgeon General/New Orleans Health System

Project: In conjunction with Texas A&M, Center of Excellence for Homeland Security, provided Medical Reconstitution Planning after Hurricane Katrina for the New Orleans Health System. Assessed military assets use, potential re-occupancy of current medical facilities, use of non-medical facilities, medical staffing, and medical unit operations for the city population and returning evacuees.