TerraHealth Inc.

software development

Technical Data Package Development

Client: Great Plains Regional Medical Command (GPRMC)

Project: Provide a Program Manager and Systems Developers to manage the Medical, Educational, and Personnel Readiness System (MEPS) that support the GPRMC. MEPS is a Microsoft SQL relational database management system that supplies military Medical Treatment Facilities (MTFs) with demographics, personnel training, readiness information, and JCAHO-centric aggregate clinical quality data.

ATE/TPS Development

Client: Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA), Population Health Support Division (PHSD), Headquarters United States Air Force Surgeon General (USAF/SG)

Project:Provide qualified engineers, program managers, subject matter experts, technical support personnel, and technical writers to study, design, fabricate and install prototypes; test; demonstrate, verify and validate; perform software engineering, computer services, and training.