TerraHealth Inc.

Medical Services

Medical services and solutions managed by skilled healthcare professionals

THI provides a seasoned team of professionals that know and understand the operational challenges you face as a healthcare provider/administrator. Our services provide health improvement methods proven to promote and enhance current operations. We offer a comprehensive toolkit of strategies to assist clients with specific needs regarding health delivery systems, business excellence, IT methodologies, medical wellness, and corporate risk management; ultimately linking corporate intent to mission results. THI is a team of management professionals that are committed to impacting the growth and expansion of your business, and offering enterprise wide solutions across regional and population spectrums.

THI’s spectrum of medical solutions cover:

Medical Staff Augmentation/Staffing

Our full-time Medical Staffing Recruiters use innovative information tools and access to a wide range of professional databases to find the most highly qualified, experienced healthcare providers for your office or medical institution. They are supported by an outstanding Careers staff and supervised by an eminently qualified Medical Director who ensures that every candidate possesses current licensing and credentials, and has the skills and experience that meets your requirements.

THI’s medical staffing solutions will free you and your company from the added and increasingly complex job of recruiting, managing, and providing competitive benefits for the skilled staff you need. And by entrusting the responsibility for your most valuable resource to competent, reliable professionals who understand that continuity of service is just as critical to budget constraints as patient care, you can reduce your overhead while increasing productivity and operational efficiency.

THI adheres to guidelines established by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), which ensures that personnel, patient care, and operations meet all professional and federal regulations for access to care and quality healthcare services.


THI can design, build, equip, staff and operate a medical facility.





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